Consulting Services

  • Define software solution architecture
  • Consult for process of development
  • Define hardware sizing for system
  • How to build microservice system
  • Plan IT infrastructure

Outsourcing Services

  • Develop end to end software solution
  • Develop part of software solution
  • Develop whole software project
  • Develop even one microservice
  • Create IT infrastructure

Our solutions
with many components


With containerized of micro services we can achieve running them on many system and also can make horizontal scaling of solution.

Reporting and Statistics

Collecting and editing data is only first part from one good system. The second one is create appropriate reporting and statistics that can help to management level to take decision of company direction.


Alert and Notifications

Solution create alert for specific system event and send as notification to appropriate people when for them is required human action.


Critical part to achieve continues work of one system is monitoring of server and applications. With monitoring, the administrator of system can see moment and history workload and can take decision.

Our Team

We believe that solution created by us help to people for better life!

Our team can assist you in clearing out your ideas and processes. After that we will create a custom software product which will resolve your challenges.

Our team has very strong experience in the area of our projects. The average team member professional experience are more than 6 years. We also believe that:

  • team player
  • dedication
  • attitude
  • focus of actual need of client
  • code and product quality
  • code and product testing
  • process automation
  • understood of business cases

Are critical for delivery of great products.

Team work

Contact Us

You can reach us using the following contact information

Bahtev Consulting, Ltd.

Sofia, 1700, Bulgaria
(+359) 899-982-484

You can start communication with our consultants to draft your idea or to make a raw estimation for time and price. Also you can direct send to us RFP. In short time will contact you back and discuss how to move forward.

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